Affordable Care Act

The Agency provides comprehensive ACA compliance support and business advice, including tracking and reporting of employee data, codifying safe harbors, assisting with documentation of compliant plan offers, disclosures to employees and workflow. Specifically, our team can assist with the following:

+Strategic Planning—our team can provide comprehensive business advice regarding ACA compliance, workforce structure and cost-saving strategies.

+Workflow—establishing the ACA compliance roadmap so that the processes around hiring, tracking, documentation and benefit offerings align correctly, and ensuring that your team knows what it needs to do and when.

+Compliance Infrastructure—establishing look-back date ranges, administrative and stability periods, employee classifications, and aligning appropriate tracking and reporting measures with your organization’s business needs.

+Documentation—developing documentation of your organization’s compliance strategy including language for employee handbooks, company policies and annual enrollment documents.

+Disclosure—ensuring that employees are provided with the proper disclosures and information they need to make their own personal health plan choices, including: ACA exchange notices, proper classification at hire, and appropriate benefit offers.

+Reportingproviding a system to populate Forms 1094 and 1095 to satisfy ACA reporting requirements, whether you are an “Applicable Large Employer” or a company with fewer than 50 Full-Time Equivalent employees with a self-funded medical plan.