For most of us, our earning potential is our greatest asset. The Allumbaugh Agency provides both short and long term disability plans for companies and individuals to protect your ability to earn a paycheck.

Coverage options include voluntary short term disability plans employers can offer to employees at no direct cost to the company. Short term disability coverage provides for payment of a weekly disability benefit to replace a portion of earnings lost by employees who are disabled because of an off-the-job injury or sickness and are unable to work. Benefit payments begin the first day following completion of the elimination period and continue during disability up to the maximum duration provided by the plan. We will assist with employee education and plan administration.

Short Term Disability – Elimination Periods: 0 days/3 days/7 days/ 14 days/30 days
Benefit Duration: 13 weeks/26 weeks/52 weeks
Long Term Disability – Elimination Periods: 90 days/180 days/365 days
Benefit Duration: 2 year/5 year/to age 65