employee wellness

omc-wellness-screen-shotsThe Allumbaugh Agency strongly recommends employee health and wellness programs as a proven method for our clients to increase health awareness or address one of the primary drivers of rising healthcare costs, while enhancing your employees’ overall health and productivity. We have formed a strong partnership with Occupational Medical Consulting, LLC (OMC) to allow us to offer customized wellness programs that suit the individual needs of your employees and spouses.

Founded in 1996, OMC’s physician led wellness programs provide health and wellness outcomes nationwide from its home office in Leeds, Maine to companies of various sizes and industry types. At OMC, Wellness is about changing lives one individual at a time to create thriving organizations. OMC’s one-on-one health interventions feature enhanced wellness solutions, wellness software and individualized health coaching supported by robust wellness administration. In 2014, OMC developed customizable wellness program solutions that provide a range of options designed to satisfy specific customer wellness program needs, regardless of business type or size. Some of the wellness features available include:

  • Health Promotion & Challenge Guidance
  • Wellness Education Materials
  • Implementation Plan
  • Communication Development
  • Online Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
  • Webinars & Health Promotion Videos
  • Participant Web Portal
  • Telephonic Health Coaching
  • Claims Analysis
  • Policy Development Planning (such as smoke-free)
  • Face to Face Health Coaching

The Allumbaugh Agency’s unique position allows us to make this option available to our clients as yet another value add to the myriad of possibilities that exist to ensure that your business is able to focus on what it does best.