Call The Allumbaugh Agency for your life insurance needs. We provide group and voluntary plans for companies as well as key man and executive bonus programs. Our group options include self funded disability arrangements. The Allumbaugh Agency is also here to assist you with your individual life insurance needs.

The death of a family provider can mean that a family will not only find itself facing the loss of a loved one, but also the loss of financial security. With Group Term Life Insurance, an employee can achieve peace of mind by giving their family the security they can depend on.

Group Term Life – Employer-paid
Voluntary Group Term – Employee-paid
Permanent Family Life – More than 50% of US families have no life insurance coverage other than group term, and the vast majority has no coverage on their dependents at all. Unfortunately, life insurance is not a product that can be obtained at the time the need arises; it must be planned for in advance. Since few people get around to making such plans, they end up depending on their group insurance, hoping that it will take care of their emergency requirements. Most people find out their coverage is woefully inadequate at their time of greatest need. Interest-sensitive Whole Life and Universal Life provide permanent life insurance protection for employees and their families, while building cash value for the future.