Our Company

Our founder, Joel Allumbaugh, recognized early in his career that strategic problem solving was essential in the world of health care. After seeing the dramatic impact of regulations on our clients, and the burden of continually rising premium costs on employers and individuals, Joel made a conscious effort to get involved in shaping real-world solutions.

Joel served as the President of the Maine Association of Health Underwriters for several years. He developed strong relationships with regulators and lawmakers helping to bring a voice for industry professionals to policymakers on behalf of the employers and individuals we serve.

Joel’s work in the health policy arena includes key accomplishments such as passing health care reform legislation in Maine that brought new insurance products to the market leading to lower premiums for many individuals and small businesses. The effort also established the first-in-the-nation Association health insurance captive enabling employers to band together to manage their health insurance programs. He also spearheaded a “Right to Shop” initiative aimed at bringing transparency and lower costs to the health care market.

Joel is a recognized, trusted voice in the health insurance industry. He is routinely cited by both local and national media sources. He hosted Inside Maine Healthcare on Time Warner Cable and has served in multiple appointed positions contributing his knowledge and expertise to better the industry.  Joel is also currently a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability.

Our most valued accomplishments are always the ones that directly benefit our customers. We continually look for innovative approaches to benefit our clients and spare no effort toward that goal. Our customers’ primary objective is to lower health care costs while maximizing value, and our relentless focus on this goal permeates our history and our current service package.

We implemented some of the first HSA- and HRA-leveraged plan designs in Maine. Our initiative and focus on continuous improvement helped pioneer the insurer claim feeds that are common today in streamlining HRA administration. We held focus groups that helped shape a comprehensive employee education program that supported the migration of entire employee populations in multiple industries to patient-centered plan designs.

When we recognized challenges in the early development of HSA products from custodians, we developed and launched education programs for banks to help bridge the gap between the institutions offering individual accounts and the employers that were often the conduit.

As new opportunities arise you can count on The Allumbaugh Agency to be at the forefront of innovation and industry technology. Recent initiatives include assisting with the launch of the first reference-based pricing program in Maine and establishment of the first direct primary care subscription pilot paid through a group health plan.

Our partnership with Occupational Medical Consulting, LLC, a leading, nationally recognized Maine based wellness company, brings comprehensive tools and resources to our group customers of all sizes to improve employee health and productivity.

The Affordable Care Act represents the most significant and impactful health care legislative reforms in recent history if not the entire history of our industry. We have invested countless hours studying the ACA and advocating for our customers in addition to developing resources to help you navigate this new regulatory environment. We have been widely recognized as industry experts participating in many panel and education forums, serving on advisory committees, and advising Maine’s congressional delegation in Washington D.C.

We launched ACAEssentials™ , our proprietary comprehensive web tool for employers to stay abreast of ACA developments and compliance requirements. Our administrative platform provides full employer tracking and reporting capabilities to help employers comply with the employer pay-or-play rules.

Compliance and administrative complexities have become an increasing burden for employers offering health insurance and other employee benefits. The Allumbaugh Agency has continually invested to support our customers in these areas and offers capabilities far exceeding those of our competitors.

Our legal team has developed and maintains a comprehensive and strategic compliance portfolio designed to keep our customers apprised of and compliant with regulatory requirements associated with employee benefit plans.

Our recent investments have dramatically enhanced the administrative services we can now offer our customers. Integrating a licensed, bonded third party administrator with 37 years of industry experience and proprietary data systems, our capabilities let us deliver fully integrated employee benefit administration. Our systems enable complete invoice and payroll reconciliation supported by direct electronic connectivity to insurers, eliminating hours of invoice and payroll deduction reconciliation.

Employers enjoy a single web portal for managing all administrative functions. Our automated systems allow you to enter a change once to initiate all the corresponding functions such as adding or terminating coverage, adjusting deductions, and notifying affected vendors. Whether we manage your benefit administration on your behalf, you utilize our system to conduct administrative functions, or we extend our portal for employees to self-serve in making their benefit elections, we are always supporting you.