Our Pledge

Mission Statement

It is our mission to be leaders in quality, service, and professionalism while remaining focused on our primary objective, to serve people and companies by helping them best manage health care expenses and individual risk. We will provide high quality employee benefit products with an intent to meet as many of our customer’s benefit needs as possible. Our business is distribution, but our purpose is meeting the needs of our customers. We will provide services and products efficiently and accurately with attention to compliance regarding applicable regulations. We will keep focused on the end result, which is for our clients to effectively utilize the products and services we provide by balancing effective education with efficient delivery. We will foster relationships that build and maintain trust by treating each customer fairly, and accomplishing tasks in the spirit of doing the right thing. We will provide continuous long-term service to our customers.

Core Values

  • Integrity and quality must never be sacrificed in achieving the goals of The Allumbaugh Agency.
  • Always remember that at the core of our business are relationships that can only be maintained and nurtured long-term through honesty and integrity.
  • To approach each day and each customer with an open mind and willingness to look “outside the box” to achieve positive outcomes.

Service Doctrine

The Allumbaugh Agency‘s employees will strive to provide positive customer service experiences with every customer contact. We will do so by remembering and implementing these key perspectives and processes:

  • Every customer service encounter is an opportunity to improve our company, our relationships, and ourselves.
  • Our purpose is to be in the service of our customers, and no task is as critical to our purpose as our direct customer interactions.
  • We will not just communicate, we will explain, and we will educate.
  • We will provide proactive customer service whenever possible, and we will always follow up.
  • We will remain central in our relationships with customers and vendors to provide excellence to our customers and to demand excellence from our vendors.
  • We will utilize technology to maximize efficiency, but we will strive to recognize when direct contact is needed to meet our customer’s needs.
  • We will always strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.

When a customer contacts The Allumbaugh Agency, we will:

1. Listen first
2. Ask questions to fully understand the problem/need
3. Explain what steps will be taken to solve the problem or meet the need
4. Confirm with our vendors that tasks have been completed
5. Follow up with the customer to communicate the outcome